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eztv2People are using computers here and there, whether they are at home or at office, the computer screen is on table. Do not bother yourself with TVs and channels, now it is possible to watch TV online with EZTV. After you have filled in the three step signup page, you will be able to browse hundreds of TV channels. Don’t miss your chance to watch movies and favorite tv shows, serials today. It is very user friendly.

Troubles and Recovery of EZTV

The Torrent distribution group of TVT and btefnet had to be wound up as a result of litigation. There was however a strong requirement for a site that could be used for moderating its content. This feeling was very strong among users of TVT and btefnet. The litigation was very unfortunate because the two groups were well known for their honest dealings and users could feel confident that they would not be taken for a ride. It is well known that there is a problem of other groups providing fake links. Unfortunately, this problem seeped into the existing public bittorent sites: the pirate bay homepage and many more. There was a need for improving the filtering system. The new group EZTV has been started by a group of volunteers in a loose coalition to take hosting forward. It does not hold any connections with its predecessors.

Efforts to avoid any future any crippling litigation

The volunteer group is fully aware of the need to keep clear of any legal problems that may again lead to lawsuits and ending with stoppage of its operation. They have identified several weak spots in the method of working of their predecessor even though their effort is to start from the point where they had to start the operation.  Several decisions had to be taken which will make the group not vulnerable to any attempt to bring any lawsuit against them on any pretext.

Three key decisions have been taken. One is more basic in nature as it has been recognized about the need for a dynamic leadership structure. The second is very important from the point of view of operations because it has been decided not to host its own torrent sites. The third decision is aimed at preventing probing eyes into structure of its operation by making completely opaque. An additional decision has been to avoid its own tracker system. All decisions have been taken with a view to keep the group operating without hindrance and to overcome any hurdles that may be met.

As far as finances are, the concerned EZTV group has taken a collective decision that its operation will be completed on a no profit basis. A firm decision has been taken that users will not be charged any hosting fee. A more important decision in that respect has been to avoid advertisements of any sort. This is because of the litigation proceedings against them. Litigation centered on “profiting from piracy” could be started by using the advertisements as key evidence. As the group is being run by volunteers, financial decision taken confirms its volunteer status. This policy has also resulted in the public appreciating its profile and it has made the site very popular among previous torrent users, together with the new ChilliTorrent program which is one of the fastest growing bittorrent clients currently available online.

Achieving stability and trying to get closer to users

Any hosting business can operate successfully only if it can create a bank of satisfied users, through its dealings. When EZTV started its operation, the site worked under the domain name eztvfnet.org. However, there was difficulty in continuing because of the domain starting to redirect to Google query for EZTV. It has earlier lost control of the domain because of several administrative reasons. As a result of the present situation, they had to redirect its users to new domain named eztv.it. It has been able to hold on its domain for the last 4 years or so until day date. The domain was taken over, by another site and subsequently even the site has disappeared.

During its initial years after EZTV was launched and started its operation, it used to suffer from several problems. The most serious among them was prolonged periods of downtime. The issue was identified as due to lack of financial resources because of its being run by volunteer group instead of business concern. The site used to witness the great strain due to the trouble caused by traffic. This could upset servers of the site. The need for stability was felt more and more and efforts were being made in that direction.

Any business can prosper only if it has a strong and large satisfied customer base. It is true of internet hosting business also. Volunteers operating the EZTV have recognized that fact that and have taken some useful and some not so useful decisions for the purpose. Apart from the sites, EZTV has also been releasing its torrents through Twitter feed, IRC channel and other means. Contrary to its policy of no fakes policy EZTV could not resist the temptation to use April1 as a Fool’s day. The effort did not produce any positive results but neither any negative result also.

Collaborative efforts

When a volunteer group is trying to run a very competitive business and does not have financial resources, it is natural to look for partners. Several partnerships have taken place, most of them giving fruitful results. VTV initially belonged to the Torrent distribution group. However, it began to function as a competitor from operating with a completely different approach. Over a period of time both the EZTV and VTV found that, it is better to cooperate with each other rather than engage in a cutthroat competition.

As a result of this realization, they entered into a partnership and there was cooperation between the two groups. VTV has taken to releases that EZTV does not take recourse to release through its websites or IRC channel. Another torrent distribution group called MV group engaged in documentary work showed an interest in collaborating. During the partnership MV group got its torrents distributed by EZTV on its site and IRC channel, the widely used chat room platform online.

The partnership was beneficial to both sides. The MV group got greatly increased exposure while EZTV could expand the number of shows they could provide. MV group administrators have greatly appreciated the fruitful results obtained by collaborating EZTV and have profusely thanked them for the cooperation extended by spreading educational material of high quality documentary free of charge. The other partnership that EZTV has with is VODO, which is a distributor of Creative Commons. EZTV was the first to give the exposure needed by VODO.

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